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RPO Scientific is an advisory group of multidisciplinary experts providing analytics & insights in the field of radiomolecular precision oncology. RPO is located in the heart of Western Europe, the global epicentre of radiomolecular technology. This collaborative theranostic alliance of among others Richard P Baum, Hugo M L Jansen, Marta Garcia & Simone U Dalm unites their respective expertise into a flexible, tailor-made consultancy.

Who's who?

Prof Dr Richard P Baum (MD PhD), Chairman, is the current Chairman of the Advanced Theranostic Centre for Radiomolecular Precision Oncology at CURANOSTICUM (Wiesbaden-Frankfurt, Germany), President of the Academy (International Centers for Precision Oncology (ICPO)), and Professor of Nuclear Medicine (University of Frankfurt-Main, Germany). Within RPO Scientific, he is the clinical and medical opinion leader, offering advice and consultancy on study strategy and design.

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Dr Hugo M L Jansen (PharmD MD PhD), CEO, is a clinical pharmacologist and nuclear radiologist. Within RPO Scientific, he now will act as business, imaging, medical and science liaison. With nearly 30 years of life science and clinical experience, Dr Jansen has an extensive background working with hospitals and companies focused on theranostics.

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Christina King (MSc human biology), COO, has over 20 years experience in global clinical development with an emphasis on cancer drugs both in biotech and big pharma, as well as in large CROs and niche service providers. Within RPO Christina will oversee the set-up and execution of all clinical studies, and serve as a liaison for our clients.

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ChloƩ Raman (MD accounting & finance), finance and administration manager, has over 15 years experience in financial strategy, budgeting & planning, capital structure guidance, financial IT, legal, and human resources, both in large and small private & public companies. Within RPO, ChloƩ now will support management in setting the strategic plan for growth and business objectives and lead the annual budgeting and planning process. She will provide oversight and management of the financial and administrative status.

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Rikki N Waterhouse (BA PhD radiochemistry), Senior Director Imaging and Biomarker Development, has over 25 years experience in novel radiopharmaceuticals and biomarkers for drug development in therapeutic applications. She has worked in academic and pharmaceutical settings, is experienced in medical and regulatory writing (USA), and managing projects in the (non)clinical space.

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Our Collaborators

Curanosticum offers the entire spectrum of nuclear medical examinations and therapy procedures..
WARMTH is the worldwide organization to promote the use of radionuclide molecular therapy, and the paradigm of theragnostics..
STRATIFYER Molecular Pathology provides precision diagnostics of molecular subtypes and therapy targets..
The ICPO Foundation brings precision oncology and targeted isotope imaging & therapy within reach of patients worldwide..
Oncidium foundation
The Oncidium foundation focuses on raising awareness about radiotheranostics as alternatives for cancer care and providing support to accelerate global access..
MEDraysintell is a team of international experts providing first-rate strategic intelligence in nuclear medicine, cyclotron, proton therapy and brachytherapy..

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