Fast track compound screening of early radiotheranostic agents: must have, nice to have and abandon.

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The traction and success rate of radiotheranostic development is merely determined by its efficacy (therapeutic response) and safety profile in comparison to the standard of care. Radiotheranostic agents often require only one single definitive clinical trial to determine their outcome.

However, over 95% of the interventional agents currently in clinical development will fail, mostly due to dose-limiting toxicities or sub-therapeutic phase 2 dose levels, followed invariably by tumor relapse.

RPO offers an integrated assessment of promising compounds in first in human pilot studies to obtain early phase information regarding the clinical potential of the compound. Depending on the outcome RPO can advise on all required next steps. This way, RPO builds a body of evidence around the early compound, delivers value from limited datasets, expedites drug development routes, and avoids tunnel vision. This lean resilient approach helps to abandon a failing drug development program, to identify lead compounds, and to shorten an effective agent’s time to market.


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