RPO Scientific provides the required analytics & insights to design and conduct theranostic clinical studies in precision oncology.

Because when it comes to cancer treatments, one size does not fit all. Instead of considering a group of patients as a single entity, precision medicine zooms in on individuals and ensures they receive personalised care.

Within this approach, we specifically focus on treatments with theranostic agents. These tailored radiopharmaceuticals only bind to the target of interest, making for a safer and more effective process. From the development of molecules to the organisation of clinical trials, we have the in-house knowledge to advance personalised radiomolecular oncology.

This is what we offer

Molecule mapping. We focus on the profiling of theranostic compounds from any angle, collecting data, analyzing IP, conducting due diligence, and building value.

Assessment. We take a critical look at the (radio)toxicity, safety and efficacy.

Image analysis & dosimetry. We interpret PET-CT-MRI scans based on a deep understanding of the (metabolic footprint of) administered radiolabeled compounds.

Hospital network. We offer a preferred partner hospital network for (pre)clinical research in Europe, APAC, and the USA.

Fast track compound screening. We offer rapid in-house clinical assessment of promising compounds even before entering their preclinical program

Clinical study advice. We develop the strategy and design of clinical studies based on robust biostatistics.

"Patients come first"

Prof. Dr. med. Richard P Baum MD PhD

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